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A Brief History of
The Unique Twist &
Twisting Crew
" Where Balloon Animals Are Not Just Dogs Anymore ! "
The Unique Twist was started in 1995, by Doug, as a simple but
Entertaining Way to Amuse and Amaze Both Family and Friends.

Starting with only one book and one bag of balloons, the first couple of
months were quite entertaining, as the same dozen or so, balloon animals
were made over, and over, and over.

Both family and friends grew tired of dogs and such, and encouraged more
creations, which led to more creativity on my end, to keep them satisfied.  
More training with books, vhs instructional tapes and cds resulted in many
more different balloon creations which led to
more satisfied customers and
many more doors.

Not long after
wards, family and friends grew to include more and more folks
wanting balloon creations, and thus , the business expanded to include
private parties, small events, and private picnics.

After many successful " Kids Festivals",  The Unique Twist
expanded again to take on new clients, new events: including craft shows,
school carnivals, church events, restaurants, trade shows, fun fairs, and all
types of festivals both indoors and outside.

Word of mouth from these events quickly resulted in even more work
more artists, yet that was still down the road.

Yet even as the business " ballooned", the focus remained the same.

To bring happiness and smiles to people of all ages through unusual and
unique balloon creations.
Thus the name----
 The Unique Twist

Starting in early  2009,  additional Twisters were added to the
The Unique Twist.  

We have had many talented and professional artists working with us and
always continue to seek more talented individuals to our team.

In 2011 the name changed to The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew to reflect the
fact that even more artists were working to make events special with balloon

All in all,
The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew  has grown from just
a few minor and small events per year-- to many major venues and events per
month as well as private parties and others.

Even as the number of creations made expanded, (currently over
(430), and
the number of events grew bigger the mission has remained the same no
matter the size or type of event....

To have fun and bring smiles and happiness to the young and young at heart,

by providing Quality Balloon Art Fun, and Entertainment to make people smile!
WEEK-TV's,  Kids-Now-a-DAYS Festival  1996
Balloons make everyone smile
The way to anyones heart is thru balloons
Life on the living room circuit 2006
At a private Birthday party for Sam  2000
At The Taste of Peoria 2003
with guest taster judge Jay
Hard at work in 2000
Taste of Peoria 2004
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Ron Richardson , Associate
In Memory of
Ron Richardson
1952 -2009
In Memory of
Ron Richardson
1952 -2009
& Twisting Crew  LLC
There is only one name to remember for all
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The Unique Twist & Twisting Crew !
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The Unique Twist
The Unique Twist